Economic & Social Policy – Nordic Lessons

Although we often hear the buzz word ‘globalisation’ we are not hearing enough bout those parts of the globe which actually do thing differently and most successfully. To genuinely engage in ‘globalisation’ means looking beyond the narrow english-speaking world. If Australia, for instance, just continues to compare its extend of inequality with the US, and to […]

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Springfield House Mater Little Miracles

Josh Develop is once again a major sponsor of the House for Life in Springfield Lakes, supporting the Mater Little Miracles in 2017.House for Life, by Plantation Homes, is an initiative where about 150 subcontractors and suppliers volunteer their time and resources to build a house to be auctioned. Josh Develop is engaged to manage the […]

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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, the United Nations General Assembly adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs provide a common set of goals to put the world on a sustainable path to 2030 and address its massive economic, social and environmental challenges.How does your business align with these goals?Achievement of these goals directly aligns with our enterprise […]

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‘Missing Middle’ Housing Forms

The latest South East Queensland Regional Plan supports development for the ‘missing middle’ housing forms. With existing lower density housing, specifically infill land, the need to increase density that has the ability to co-exist with its surroundings, might see housing form such as: Fonzie flats, ‘plexes’ [duplex, triplex, quadplex], dual occupancy, row/terrace housing and mid-rise […]

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Who Is Josh?

 From childhood Jessica’s grandfather, William Tattersall, wished he had a boy as the second grandchild, and decidedly began to nickname her Josh. The nickname Josh gave Jess a comfort in being one of the boys and still responds to anyone who calls her that today.  Jessica’s grandparents also converted to Buddihsm after travelling to Asia with Disney, […]

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Land Marketing

Buyers Guide to Builders

Josh Develop work with land developers to connect consumers to house and land product. Our mission is to help streamline this process by focussing on innovative and efficient housing product through consumer education programs and community forum discussion.

A Collaborative Team.

selection of industry experts

image Jessica Osborne MD & Founder

image Jivan Silva Planning & Feasibility

image Ben Ellingson SMSF Specialist

image Tony Duncan Finance Specialist

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I have land available, what should i do?

Advise of the location, type of land, any plans you have or details of what you intend for the land. Use the contact form below to do so. Include a phone number & email address so we can discuss further.

I would like to buy a house and land package but not sure where to start?

That is what we are here for. Lets talk about what you would like to achieve and see what land is available. Please fill out the contact form below to receive a call back.

What is the best way to get in touch with you?

Call directly, fill out the contact form below, sign up for the newsletter or go to our social media site links. Look forward to hearing from you.

Why Josh

  • Land Marketing +

    Whether it's one or one hundred lots, we are interested in hearing about your land.
  • House & Land +

    Housing needs to suit the land. Consider choices around lifestyle.
  • Training & Education +

    Property training is available to industry professionals attracting CPD points. Consumer support programs are also offered.
  • Efficient Housing Models +

    Community forums and workshops are undertaken, as well as publicly available online discussions and e-Learning.
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